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Hi Guys! It's been a long time since I wrote on the blog, but I've been very busy in the last two weeks. My boyfriend came to visit me, making a surprise! He's been fantastic. But I had also exams and lessons, so I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

Today I want to tell you about a trip we made to a fantastic place: Aqua Dome. It is a magnificent and enourmous Spa an hour away from Innsbruck, in Langenfeld, to be more accurate. 

It is an great structure, with swimming pool outside, in the beautiful gardens, surrounded by the mountains and the snow; some of them are raised in the air, which is one of the most peculiar thing there. 

We chose for the Relax! One Day Holiday Delux, a package that included Therme, Sauna, Fitness, and the access to the exclusive area Spa 3000. 

Once we arrived, we have been given of 2 bags, with towels, a bathrobe and a pair of slippers. We started our day walking around and exploring the structure. It has a lot of different kind of saunas, hamams, swimming pool, in the open air too, with different smells, lights and musics. 

The only wired thing was that the access in some areas was allowed only without the swimming costume. Even if we knew it before going there, we were very embarassed. But after a while, surrounded only by naked people, it started being "normal". 

We tried every Sauna: from the hotter to the colder, from the dryer to the wetter. The most relaxing was the "hay sauna", with a temperature around 50°, where you could easily stay more than 15 minutes. 

The most shocking experienced we tried was the freezing waterfall. It was in 10 metres high cave, where you can choose from different programs, starting with a thunderstorm with lighting and thunder, ending with this "ice-bucket".  

Than it was the time for receiving my gift: a massage. I went to the Beauty Centre, where I enjoyed a relaxing massage on my back.. a baraly fell asleep on the bed...crazy, you can't imagine! 

I reached my boyfriend, and then we had lunch in the "Sauna Restourant", with two delicious salads, and a fruity dessert. 

Then we enjoyed the view of the gorgeous austrian mountains form a pool-bad on a balcony, completed with hydromassage, waiting for a special hammam. It was a treatment in which you dab creamy herbs on your body, and than, with the help of the steam of the hammam, you skin shoud  become very soft. And it really worked! 

Exausted after this last treatment, we realxed on a comfortable sofa in the relax area, with soft "yoga" music. 

It wasn't possible to bring your phone in the Spa, so we couldn't take pictures. I'll leave some found in the internet, but you should really try this short holiday and see this place with your own eyes. You could go with you partner or with your family, because they have specific areas for children, so you won't disturb each other.

What about you? Do you like spa? Have you ever been to Aqua Dome? Would you suggest other stuctures?

Hear from your aswers soon, I'm curious!

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