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As you may know, one of my biggest passion is the Interior Design. I love enter a flat, a house, and try to imagine a new set up, which furnitures should be placed, which colors on the wall should be painted. 

My idea of Interior Design is ruled by one principle: your place has to be warm and emotional. It doesn't matter if you will choose a modern design, or a classical one. What is important is that the people entering your place feel that it is yours, and it cannot be anyonelse's. 

So, when someone, friends, relatives, ask me a suggestion about the setting of each piece of furniture in their new flat, or an idea to refresh the ambience, first I try to understand what he or she likes, then, I can give my opinion, but respecting his or her personality.

In spite of this, my personal taste is very clear. I love rough wooden forniture, especially mixed with light colors, like a cold white, or a light grey, to create a contrast. Wood makes any room warmer, familiar, and it is the material I like most for tables or other surface.

Today I'm gonna share with you some ideas for your personal workspace. Wheter it is your home - office, or your study corner, or the space you use to enjoy your passions, it has to be confortable, beautiful and tidy. A tidy environment is the key to work well, concentrated and focused on your job. 

These pictures collect different styles and ideas. Try to find the one that best fits your needs. 




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