Road trip to Vienna


Hey Guys! 
Today I'm going to tell you about the trip to Vienna I made some weeks ago with my erasmus friends.
It all started on a sunny friday mornig, when we started to drive towards the capital of Austria. 
As always, I fell asleep but after a short nap I was ready to enjoy the roads!
When we reached our destination, after a little break in our hostel, we started walking very hungry, looking for food. We had a big ice-cream and then we started going around this amazing city, with fancy buildings, beautiful parks. We passed along the Opera House, the Hofburg palace, and then we walked the main shopping streets, and there we met a funnily dressed man who proposed us a show in the Shonbrun Palace. We immediately bought the tickets, we were so excited!

We ended our first day in Vienna tasting the famous Vienna ribs, enormous dishes that most of us hasn't been able to finish.

The second day couldn't start in a better way. After a short walk in which I showed that I am definitely not a morning person, we reached the famous Cafè Central, were we had a delicious breakfast, in that very fancy place. I would have ate everything on the menu!

After that our Master Map Hadrien took us around the city and in the main street of shopping, we wanted to buy some fancy clothes for the night. Our two heroes has been really patient that morning.

The afternoon was more intellectual: we went to the Albertina museum. It has been great. There were a collection of impressionist paintings, from Degas, to Monet, Seurat, Cezanne, then some from Picasso, and other painters. The ground floor was amazing, with pieces of Andy Warhol and other modern artists.

Almost dead tired, we ran to the hostel to get dressed and rushing the time we finally arrived at the Schonbrun palace, where we had dinner before enjoying our concert. It did't disappointed our expectations. The music, the singer, the atmosphere were gorgeous.
Finally we went to a bar in the city centre, to make a brindisi alla our fancy night.

On Sunday, our last day, we went visiting the Hofburg Palace and the Sisi Museum in it. It was so realistic, with a audio guide, we had the chance to discover the history of that sad empress, and walking through the rooms of the palace in which she felt like a prisoner, you had the feeling that from a moment to another she would have appeared in her astonishing dresses.
After the worst pizza I have ever had we went to the original Hotel Sacher, were we tasted the real Sacher Torte. Useless saying that one slice wasn't enough, I would have eaten an entire cake, of course.

This is how our trip to Vienna ended. We jumped in Fede's car, and we came back to Innsbruck.
The days after for me were quite busy, I had some lessons and of course I had to pack my luggage.
Stay tuned guys!!

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