Week 3

Hi guys! I arrived in Innsbruck on tuesday, from the Easter break that I’ve spent in Italy.. Oh, I’ve missed my sunny and warm country! 
I wrote this post while I was sitting on the train that would have taken me home..actually it was the first of three trains I needed to take..It has been a looong day. I have been overwelmed of stuff to do in these ten days, so I didn’t find the time to post it. 
The week before Easter I didn’t make my weekly update, but it was because I’ve been very very busy..so let’s start from the beginning.
It has been a very full week. My flat mates made fun of me because I was never at home! Every night there was a reason to celebrate….you know what I mean. 
In fact on Monday we organized a party in my friend’s students house to celebrate our Finnish friend Tuure’s birthday. It has been a crazy night, with delicious handmade cake, made by my lovely Italian friend Federica and Danielle, with the help of some boys around, tasting the cake before it was cooked. The cherry on the cake was the cocktails made by our Guadalupean bartender Hadrien. We ended the night with fireworks, with the police knocking at the door for the loud music. It has been so funny the morning after, asking some friends of mine to tell me about the night that they continued in some bars..they didn’t remember anything!

Tuesday was the Rox night. With some class mates of mine we went in this beautiful pub, where I had one of the most delicious hamburger ever! Then the games started. Honestly I don’t remember the name of the game, but all the people in the pub were divided in team, and each of them should answer four set of quiz. In the end, the team who has failed less questions would have won. And….we came second!! Now we have only to celebrate with the bottle of spirit we won!
Credits: Lukas

Wednesday was the last students party at the Igloo bar. It was magic as usual, and less freezing than the last time.. spring is coming. After the mulled wine had warmed up our hearts, we went down to the city, at Flojos, a Mexican restaurant. We promised to come once again, it was really good, with a very typical interior design and nice staff.

Thursday everybody needed a break, it was time to get ready for Vienna.
On Friday, early in the morning, a group of four crazy e sleepy girls, left Innsbruck for a road trip to the capital of Austria. In the meanwhile, two brave boys were catching a train to reach them there.

But I will tell you about our trip in the next post.
Stay tuned! 

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